Boost conversions by over 60% with concise copy!

The channel doesn’t matter. Marketing copy must sing. And it’s the subtle changes that often yield the biggest results. For example:
1. Making content more concise by cutting word counts in half can lift conversions by over 60%, and
2. Using bullet points and easy-to-scan text can improve results by over 50%.

What’s working and what isn’t?

Here’s eight more examples of copy that sells:
3. Don’t detail, demonstrate. The way to a buyer’s hear is through true-to-life applications.
4. Tout distinct solutions to real life problems. The key is to avoid being too broad. To make the point stronger, quote a satisfied customer.
5. Focus on a single, real, living breathing prospect. A sure-fire way to generate an apathetic response is to write for a group or a list of people.
6. Add direct, active language. It never condescends. For example, write “asked for” instead of “requested” or “use” instead of “utilize.” One word with real staying power is “even” because it adds uniqueness to an offer.
7. Catch the eye with ellipses marks. An ellipsis creates a five letter-free space in a paragraph to make copy easy to scan.
8. Put numbers to work. Numbers in headlines and in bulleted copy grab prospects, because it helps them skim.
9. Connect copy to action. At the end of a brochure, email, etc. give prospects a reason to take the next step.
10. Know your audience. Always put yourself in the shoes of your readers. How would they interpret what you’re trying to say.

And one last note of interest, please be sure to always use your spell-checker.

Good luck and good selling!

~ The Go Full Pay Marketing Team