Business Services

Business Services

FullPayment provides your business a unique ecosystem of products & solutions that deliver the results you need.

FullPayment: "A Business Ecosystem"

Loans to get you started, eCommerce & web development to get you online, credit card and payment processing to get you running, analytics and reporting to help you grow, and marketing services that tell the world your story.

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Business Loans

We offer merchant cash advances to get you the cash you need without all the headaches, costly fees, and strict qualifications of a traditional bank loan.


Web Design & Development

FullPayment offers an advanced suite of comprehensive eCommerce solutions built on high-performing and scalable technology that makes it easier for you to maximize your business’s online potential.


Ecommerce Development

FullPayment offers an advanced suite of comprehensive eCommerce solutions built on high-performing and scalable technology that makes it easier for you to maximize your business’s online potential.

Need an eCommerce website? We'll help you pick the right eCommerce platform for your business. Then we'll build and maintain your store.


Credit Card Processing

As a business owner, one of the first steps to take when starting your new business is to make sure you can accept credit and debit card payments from your customers. FullPayment is your credit card processing partner offering some of the lowest rates around as well as 24/7 U.S.-based customer support.

Are you already accepting credit card payments? Contact us to learn how you can lower your overall credit card processing costs by switching to FullPayment. Our transition team ensures you suffer no downtime and are up in running right away!


ACH & eCheck Acceptance

Give your customers more ways to pay and start accepting TeleChecks. With FullPayment, accepting electronic checks has never been easier. Process checks for less than credit and debit card transactions. From point-of-sale payments, to mobile payments, to accepting a check over the phone, the FullPayment Telecheck system gives your customers more ways to pay! Plus, you’ll never have to work about non-sufficient funds (NSF) or spending hours reconciling checks at your bank.


Fraud/Risk Monitoring

We make it a priority to educate you on how to reduce counterfeit and fraud through acceptance and best practices. Although we provide our customers with our Data Breach Merchant Protection Program, it is also very important to educate yourself on the best practices to prevent any fraud in the future. Our Data Breach Merchant Protection Program ensures that all our merchants are protected if a breach occurs.


Chargeback Management

Cardholder satisfaction is simple when every transaction goes smoothly, but unfortunately, customer chargebacks are a reality. Our dedicated team of professionals helps you manage chargebacks and chargeback disputes so you and your staff can stay focused on your business. We’ll work with your cardholder to resolve a chargeback quickly, which ultimately helps you build cardholder confidence and brand loyalty.


Analytics & Reporting

Every business owner knows that to run a successful business you must “manage by the numbers.” The FullPayment Analytics and Reporting solution allow you to drill down into powerful metrics and insights. The new Insightics(SM) solution for small and medium-sized businesses is an innovative cloud-based software that unlocks the power of big data behind payment transactions to give you the ability to monitor key business metrics affecting your business. It allows you to better understand your customers so you can engage effectively, and derive more value from marketing and loyalty programs to grow revenue.



Following our success in payment services for your small to medium sized businesses we felt that there was something missing. What was that one element that could really help drive new business and continue the conversation with existing clients? Marketing.

We offer social media, pay per click Google and Facebook campaign marketing, and much more. Every market is different, so every marketing plan is unique. We'll help you discover how to go to market online with your business.